Saturday, April 23, 2022

You & me spring layout

Hey everyone!
I've got a fun layout using Creative Embellishment products today.
Let's jump right in.

I created this layout using some fun chipboard pieces and gel crayons that I just picked up.
So I was doing a bit of playing and learning.

I used orange and yellow crayons to make the flower cluster and dark blue and purple for the scroll. The birds were extra fun because I was layering the colors to see if I could get a more realistic look and I think they turned out pretty good.

On the first bird I used orange for the belly, light blue on the main body and one line of purple along the top. On this bird I a bit of yellow that blended with the light blue on the main body. I like the look it gave it. Then I finished with dark blue along the top. On both birds I used yellow for the feet.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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