Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin table decor w/ Moxxie

Before we get started on my project. I want you to know that you can WIN this entire line on the Moxxie blog this week!

Woohoooo! Don't miss out. All the details are on the blog.

Now for my project. I made some fun & easy pumpkin table decor for you today:

I've seen a few different ideas for these around the internet, but they are super easy to make and change to suit your purpose.
For the larger pumpkin I cut Moxxie's Foilage paper into strips about 9x7/8 inch, inked them and then put a brad through each end (I used a whole punch to make it easier) with the papers stacked, fan them around until you have your pumpkin.  Then cut some scraps into super thin pieces, curl them up and add them for "vines" and a wider scrap rolled for the "stem". You could also add leaves and/or tags or whatever makes you smile. The bigger your pumpkin the more strips needed to make it full, I probably used around 20 strips for the larger pumpkin. 

For the smaller pumpkins I used 14 strips 6.5x7/8 for the medium one and around 12 strips 5.5x7/8 for the smallest one. The 2 smaller pumpkins are the A & B sides of Unbe-leaf-able. Here's a closeup for you:

  My 4yr old son kept asking me if there was candy inside. Not a bad idea! 
I plan to let these decorate my table all month, so maybe I will hide a little treat in there at some point.

Don't forget to go comment on the Moxxie blog for your chance to win this beautiful line. 
Happy Fall Y'all! :)Ange


Anonymous said...

These are adorable!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh the pumpkins are sooo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Jennifer Grace said...

These are really cute! Funnily enough I have a similar project coming up on my blog tomorrow, but mine's more Christmassy than pumpkins...! x

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