Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Valentines

 Today I'm going to show you some quick, easy Valentines. I made up five real fast with this so cute and fun Moxxie XOXO line. My daughters love this paper and can't wait to share these fun Valentines with their friends. Here's a photo of the finished Valentines:

And here is a photo to help with the directions:
1- I cut my paper 5x6, but you could really adjust this to about anything you wanted depending on what you were putting in the Valentine.
2- use a strong adhesive to seal in a tube shape. I used permanent double sided tape by ek tools.
3- seal one end flat using the same tape and add candies.
4- seal the other end in the opposite direction. Then I scored about 1/4 inch up each end to give it a more "finished" look. (I did try staples in one but didn't like the look at all)

There you go. Easy and quick. I hope you get to share something sweet with someone special this Valentines. :)Ange


lovemypaper said...

Very cute I love them!

ameliaharris99 said...

Cute! How fun and easy those look! :)

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