Friday, December 7, 2012

Moxxie blog hop (& prize!!)

Welcome to your last stop on the Winterland Moxxie blog hop! (You should be arriving here from Rhonda Van Ginkel's blog, but if this is your first stop you can head to the Moxxie blog to start at the beginning) I have a little project today using ONE (yes, I said 1) sheet of paper to make THREE, that's 3, items!! Check it:

I used this paper. I love the beautiful colors here. They are so awesome for winter and go so well with the chilly feel of the cold and snow. But the frosted edges and snowflakes on the paper make it even more fun to use. This line is definitely one of my favs!

So with this one sheet I made all of these:

A beautiful snowflake, a fun tree ornament and a small gift box. Yes, they were all from one sheet of paper.

Now before I go into detail on how to make these I want to remind you to comment to WIN this gorgeous line:
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Now that you've got all your entries in to win this fabulous line here's the details on making the snowflake.

I cut my sheet of paper into 9 4x4 squares. The snowflake used 6 squares, I used two for the gift box and the last one in the ornament. 

The photo below shows the step by step process for the snowflake. 
1- score the middle of the square from one corner to the other.
2-3 fold it and cut. I measured a little more than 1/4 inch between each cut and then cut the last little piece out. Make sure you do NOT cut through the center fold, except on that last piece if you want it open.
4-5 open the square back up and start gluing. I just put a little glue (you'll want something stronger than a tape runner) on one strip at the point. Take the strip (start in the middle) and the one directly across from it and fold them toward  you until you can glue them together. Then you take the next two and fold them away from you. You alternate toward you and away until you are done.

Now to assemble the individual pieces, I just took two and glued their bottom pieces together until I had 3 sets of two. I waited for the glue to dry, but found that my glue wasn't quite strong enough to hold the tight fit of all 6 pieces together. So I punched a hole through each set of 2 and put a pretty brad through them all.  Love when I have items sitting on my table to grab and use like that. It was a purple pearl brad and looks so pretty in the center of my snowflake. :)

This would be a fun and simple decor project for you kids!

Now the ornament was super simple. I took that last square from my sheet of beautiful pattern paper and cut it into strips, wrapped each strip around the end of my stylus, grabbed the inside piece with tweezers and pulled it out until I liked the look of my curly paper.
 Then I dropped them inside and went looking for some "snow" which came in the form of some ball fringe trim and fluffy yarn that I had hanging around in the ribbon pieces jar. I cut the balls off the fringe and cut the fluffy yarn into smaller sections and dropped them in too.
  For the hanging snowman, I took the cute sticker off the sticker sheet smashed some blue twine into the glue and then put the other sticker on the back so when it spins in the ornament you get to see the adorable little snowman all the time. I gently bent the sticker to put it in the ornament and then reached in with the end of my stylus and finger to straighten it back out. Pull the twine up and tie a big loop for hanging. I made sure to tie it around the pin loop coming out the top so it wouldn't slip into the ornament. Add some pretty ribbon to the top and you have yourself fun decor for the tree. My 14yr old daughter loved this!

Keep your eyes peeled for my coming tutorial on the boxes. They are fun and simple too. Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to have you become a follower if you aren't already and good luck winning this gorgeous line! You will LOVE it. :)Ange

Moxxie - Flurries pp sheet & stickers
clear plastic ornament - walmart
tombow - tape runner
elmers - craft bond liquid glue
zig - 2way glue pen
ek tools - double sided tape
stash - ribbon/fiber, brad, twine


Dana Tatar said...

Gorgeous projects! I love that you created these pieces with only one sheet of paper! Thanks for the snowflake tutorial! =)

PeggyStolley said...

Really awesome ornaments...and only ONE sheet of paper! We could decorate an entire building with just this one collection. :)

Maria said...

great project

MadebyGenieS said...

Very pretty--and I love thrifty scrappy ideas :)

{VICKI} said...

Looks so elegant!

Stephanie said...

great idea!!!

LisaM said...

Your snowflake is fantastic! Awesome ornaments!

Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

Yea! I always wanted to learn how to make those! Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Love your creations!

creating with kim said...

Beautiful project.

simplykincke said...

Wow, that is a really awesome snowflake! Thanks for the tutorial.

Heather Landry said...

I can't believe you got ALL of that out of one sheet of paper! Really amazing projects!

Leah's Crafty Life said...

Dang, Ange!! SO clever woman. LOVE this gorgeous line and your beautiful creations!

annamills2001 said...

AMAZING work, my friend!! And doing it all with one sheet is genious!

ameliaharris99 said...

Seriously in LOVE with the snowflake! Great job! :)

netty820 said...

Love the snowflake. I want to make one!! You did a great job!

Rebecca Ednie said...

the star is really cool! As a side note, your page takes a LONG time to load so you might want to consider checking out ways to speed up the loading time. wasn't sure if you were aware. :)

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