Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Volleyball locker decor & treats

 Lately a lot of my evenings are spent watching this sweet girl play volleyball and I love every minute of it. She is doing awesome!

Along with the fun of watching them play comes the fun of decorating lockers and sending little treats along to brighten a bus ride. So I have a couple pictures of simple things I've made this season.

I used my Silhouette to help me make my locker decor. I did a quick search of the silhouette store and purchased a volleyball cut and some borders. I used both on my locker tag below:

I kept it simple and quick. My daughter has told me how quickly these things get torn off of lockers, plus when you're making enough for the whole team quick is the way to go. I found this quote on the internet and altered it just a little to make it more team specific, used our school colors and my daughter's jersey #. I did each girl's # on their card and just used a font from my computer and cut them with my silhouette.

They had a long bus ride that same week so I bought a few treats to put in a bag and made up a really quick "recipe" for a great game. Here's the finished product:

"Play Hard" is a Teresa Collins stamp I recently won from Paper Crafter's Corner. I've used it quite a bit already along with some of the other stamps in the set. Really loving it!
To get the "recipe" printed on the recipe cards I just printed on a regular 8.5x11 paper and then taped the cards over the printing and ran it through my printer again. I was able to print 3 at a time this way. The card reads:
The recipe for an awesome game!
Contents inside.
(Play Hard stamp)
Mix together, sprinkle with confidence and enjoy a great game!

And this is what was inside:

Package of crackers w/ cheese - Label: Crisp serves
Bag of Swedish fish - Label: Perfect passes
Mini charleston chews - Label: Sweet sets
Slim jim - Label: Hard hits

It's fun to make these little things for the girls and I think they really enjoy the treats. lol

Thanks for stopping by today! :)Ange

Silhouette designs - Design ID #10763, Design ID #1376
tombow - tape runner
ek success - foam adhesive
zig - 2way glue 
stash - cs

Teresa Collins - stamp
sei - ink pad
stash - cs, recipe cards, tape, bags, staples


Debbie P said...

These are so awesome Ange! I love the cut file you created!

ameliaharris99 said...

Seriously, AWESOME! You never cease to amaze me how you get some much done! These are awesome! :)

The Swainston Family said...

Those are adorable! :) You are awesome!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh those are sooo cute!!! great treats and LOVE the volleyball card!!

PeggyStolley said...

These are fun!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These are awesome! So sweet how you support your daughter and her team. :)

Michelle said...

These are really fun!

Heather Landry said...

You are an awesome Mom! The time that went into these projects is amazing. I sure hope that your daughter appreciated them a ton!

Anonymous said...

Love the cute locker tag!

Unknown said...

I tried to find the volleyball Silhouette because i loved the card, can you tell me where to find it? I could not find it by the link provided.

Angela said...

Try this Yllen Ro.

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