Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 or so

I've seen a lot of bloggers posting their top 10 or 12 layouts/projects of the year and decided it would be kind of fun. So I've gone back through and picked out a few of my favorites.

I'm actually starting with one I never did get on my blog, but it is definitely one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, of the year.

Tee Time Sweetie:

I made this for the Moxxie Summer reveal of their line Hole In One. I dug so deep for this picture of my sweet Shylee out on the golf course and just really love the way this whole layout turned out.

Child O' Mine:
 Love Jayse and his fun little personality! He loves hats or anything that might sit on his head. This layout was made for a music challenge and I did a lot of misting which was a little new to me at the time. Love the rough feel I got.
 My sweet baby Jayse checking out the backyard and grass for the first time. This is one of my favorite photos of him when he was little. I made this layout when I tried out for the Moxxie dt. Apparently they liked it too. :)
Hard Rock Style:
 This line is so gorgeous, but I didn't really have any photos that fit the theme really well, so when this idea of having him burst through the page hit me, I went with it. Love it!
 Again, another awesome line that I didn't really have photos for, but the Fight die-cut talked to me and all I could think about was the look on Brayden's face in this photo. He works so hard on the floor in wrestling and I'm so proud of him.
Spine Tingling:
 I had SO much fun making this layout! Shylee is the best photo poser ever and the look on her face and body mannerisms here were just awesome. I had so much fun distressing everything and then added the misting afterword on a bit of a gamble but totally LOVE it.
 One of my first home decor projects. I love Halloween and had a blast making my coffin display!
Scary & Precious:
 This layout was made using only 4x6 patterned papers. The banner along the top was so fun to make and I just love the colors. Plus my little guys growl face was too sweet.
 Hahaha! I love making funny layouts and we all know a hat like this is going to lead to a little fun. Who doesn't want to call their family members a turkey now and then?
Winter decor:
 I just really love the frosty feel of Moxxie's Winterland collection. I've been wanting to make one of these snowflakes for a couple years and I just love that I had this pretty line to do it with. Plus I love my little snowman ornament and Ayla loved this box so much that she used it to wrap a gift for one of her friends this Christmas.
Naughty or Nice?:
 Definitely naughty. Jayse is a handful to say the least, so it was a bit therapeutic to make this layout and enjoy the moment after the exasperation. I had a lot of fun hanging my ornaments too.
lil Monkey:
My sweet Ayla. Hard to believe how much she's grown. She's taller than me now but just as cute and sweet as ever. She will truly always be my baby girl.

I would love to come see your top 10 or so. Leave a link in the comments and I will stop by asap. Wishing you all a very happy new year! :)Ange


Kiana said...

WOW. I really love Explore and the Winter Decor. Awesome and beautiful!!!!! They are all great in their own way!

Cathy said...

gorgeous top 10! inspiring Moxxie projects!

Aimee Kidd said...

Wow girl! What gorgeous layouts and home decor projects!! I always love seeing what you've been creating! Loving the snowflake, present, and ornament! Beautiful stuff!

I haven't done my top 10 or however many I'm suppose to do but I'll get around to it soon.

Dana Tatar said...

Awesome layouts and I love the altered projects! Way to rock all the Moxxie!

Christy said...

They are all awesome, but I think the flames on the second are my very fav! :)

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