Monday, October 9, 2017

XCountry treat Halloween style

Making team treats is a lot of fun, but making them with AWESOME Halloween themes is totally up my alley. I showed you the box of fun items I got from Oriental Trading* last time, but here it is again to refresh your memory:

 This time I took those cute little orange treat boxes (they come in so many fun colors!) and made this for my son's Cross Country team:

I was making a lot so I did a sort of assembly line. But first I did a box in each stage and took a photo so you could really see what was going on and how simple this was. Which was good because there are a LOT of runners on a XC team! lol:

I've labeled each stage in the photo above for convenience.
1- This is how the boxes come with orange ribbon pre-cut.
2- I folded each box to open them up, added a bit of the fun Halloween washi tape and then trimmed the sides along the box's edge with my scissors. 
3- I used my computer to put a little label on the treats. It says "Freaky Fast Fuel"
4- I have this awesome skull & crossbones punch. You bet I put it to good use with the cool patterns from the Scrapbook Paper Halloween mix.
5- Add your treats and fold up the bottom of the box.
6- Push your ribbon thru the holes and tie it up anyway you want. I put a little slim jim in there for extra fuel for the runners.

This washi tape is so cool! I love that with these little pieces I was able to get so many different looks on each box. I couldn't decide if I liked the lit jack-o-lanterns in the tree or the bare tree w/ the bats better.

My son said the runners were all surprised and super excited to get the treats.

And here's my runner. This is his first year running. It's really cool to watch how much he improves each race. Especially since I am NOT a runner. lol

Hope you like my little treats.
Thanks for stopping in!

*Oriental Trading sent me products to review, but all opinions are my own.

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