Friday, November 21, 2014

It's all about volleyball decor!

So you may have noticed my blogging has been spotty lately. Sorry about that but life has a way of interrupting right? However, it didn't slow down my crafting!

My awesome daughter and her totally awesome high school volleyball team made it to state this year!!
We are SO proud of them and how hard they worked and played. Here's a shot of my daughter hitting during in one of the district games.

This hit took a wicked angle and landed just behind the other team's 10 foot line across the court. In Volleyball that's called a Kill.
The other mom's and I did a lot of spoiling and decorating. This is a shot of their lockers before districts:

 I made a super cute treat with a bite size chocolate bar attached but I forgot to get a photo of it before I put them up.

Here's a photo of our front door all decorated for going to state:

I made that huge volleyball with my silhouette. 
It's 12x12 in size.
Here's a closeup:

I cut the volleyball lines from white, the ball background from blue, the numbers from yellow using a font off my computer and the shadows from black. After assembling the balls I had time to add a bit of decoration. So I used my blue pen and added the dashes for faux stitching.


I did one for each girl on the team and one for the coach.

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you have a super crafty weekend.


wendipooh13 said...

you are such a great sports mom!!! LOVE all the fun things you do for your kids in sports!! great action shot of her too!!!

Solange J. said...

This is great projects!

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